The Music Room








Here you'll find some music files in both MP3 & Midi 
format for your listening pleasure.

The Midi files are instrumental only, while the MP3
files are clips of actual performances.  Remember
that since the MP3 files are bigger, they will take longer
to start playing.

The MP3 clips are split into 3 sections :
Special Performances (both Live and Rare), Newest Hits,
and Classic Hits, with the Classic Hits Section grouped by

The lists will constantly be growing : there's always something
magic, there's always something new!!  So don't forget to
keep coming back!.

Now just pick which section you want to listen to and have fun !





MP3 Files
Special Performances Newest Hits Classic Hits
Live Rare Couldn't Have Said It Better Part I Part II Part III




Midi Files

All Revved Up With No Place To Go Ewigkeit (aka Gods) It Just Won't Quit Out Of The Frying Pan

Anything for Love

Faster Than the Speed of Night Lawyers Guns & Money Paradise by the Dashboard Light (1)

Anything for Love

For Crying Out Loud Left in the Dark Paradise by the Dashboard Light (2)
Back Into Hell Good Girls Go To Heaven Lost Boys Golden Girls Rock N' Roll Dreams Come Through (1)

Bat Out of Hell (1)

Heaven Can Wait Life is a Lemon Rock N' Roll Dreams Come Through (2)

Bat Out Of Hell (2)

Holding Out for a Hero Making Love Out of Nothing At All Total Eclipse of the Heart
Bat Out Of Hell (3) Hot Patootie (1) No Matter What (Version 1) Two out of Three Ain't Bad (1)
Dead Ringer for Love Hot Patootie (2) No Matter What (Version 2) Two out of Three Ain't Bad (2)
Eddie's Teddy I'd Lie for You No Matter What (Version 3) You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth
Everything's Louder Than Everything Else It's All Coming Back to Me Now Objects in the Rear View Mirror  



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