Sue's Office


Aw come on Tink .. fixing this is more important than opening the mail! .... Now while she does that I'll tell you about THIS office (known around here sometimes as Zips R tink!!) .. one of my hideaways .. or it would be if SOMEone didn't keep giving SOMEbody all these scripts to read!! As I'm sure you know by now, Sue (aka tink) is my PA and Fashion Consultant .. a fancy way of saying she opens all the mail, manages my wardrobe (and has some very fixed ideas about what she lets me wear might I say!), checks me over before I go out in public, and keeps my nose to the grindstone of Loafdom mail and scripts! But she does make good coffee and she always has the papers ready and my glasses handy .. so I guess she's a pretty good Office Goddess and she's handy with a needle .. as I found out to my cost AGAIN this past Halloween! (And if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't ask! .. but if you check out some of her old columns in the Gazette you'll understand!!!!) Now, where's that jacket? Sue??!!!!! ..... Oh, and have a look round while you're here, read her comments .... or you can click on one of the buttons to see her notebook, her desk with what she calls her "Pixmeup" or go to the Gazette to read her column. And if you want to see any of her old columns, just ask, OK? I know where she keeps them hidden !!



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